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REHAU SECURI Slide & Fold Door and Window

REHAU recently launched a new generation uPVC sliding door and sliding window system consisting of up to 6 individual single-leaf panels.  This is the only uPVC sliding system of its kind in southern Africa.

It is also the only sliding door or sliding window system that boasts increased security, hence the name SECURI Slide & Fold.

All the hardware is concealed within the frame, with the exception of the handle and profile cylinder.  This handle and profile cylinder can be placed on the inside of the door or window so that there is NO hardware accessible from the outside of your home.

The SECURI Slide & Fold system also features an interlocking mechanism consisting of a minimum of 3 eye-bolts on each leaf of a door or 2 eye-bolts for a window.  When closed, the eye-bolts on the panels interlock with each other to create a solid wall with high security.

If you want to have a sliding door on your patio AND increased security, the SECURI Slide & Fold is for you!

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