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REHAU: Is It Time To Replace Your Windows?

Is it time to replace your windows? We asked the professionals from Rehau to share some guidance to help us assess our windows and make the right decisions when it comes to replacing them in our homes.

How will you know when it is time to replace your windows?  Here are some pointers to look out for:

  1. Your windows and doors don’t close or lock properly, as the wooden windows have swollen or are warped. This situation indicates that you are at a security risk and action needs to be taken urgently.  All your windows and doors should be able to close securely without any problems.
  2. The wood has become soft. This is an indication that moisture has affected the structural integrity of the window or door.
  3. The wood is splitting.
  4. The metal windows frames are bent.
  5. You are unhappy with the level of security your single-glazed aluminium windows with are offering and you require multi-point locking systems for your windows and doors.
  6. The windows and doors don’t close tightly and you can see light coming into your home. Remember, where light comes into your home, other unwanted things such as insects, rodents and water can also enter freely.
  7. Your aluminium windows and doors don’t seal properly and you can feel a draft of hot or cold air when you stand close to a window or door. This means that the window/door doesn’t close tightly and you will need to spend more money on electricity to keep the temperatures inside your home comfortable.
  8. The putty around your metal windows is falling out. You could replace the putty and paint it again.
  9. Your windows and doors are ugly, need repainting or varnishing. You have upgraded the interior of your home and have spruced up your garden, but your old and tired windows are spoiling the look of your home.

If your windows and doors need replacing, do some research into the durability, sound reduction and increased safety offered by your chosen window system.  Can you have the windows and doors fitted with double glazing?  Can you fit multi-point locking systems for increased safety?  Do the windows and doors offer energy savings?  How often will you need to varnish, sand and paint your new windows?

You will find that the most advanced, modern window system is a REHAU uPVC system.  It offers the most benefits and is the intelligent way to invest in your home.

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