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REHAU: Do You Have Noisy Neighbours?

Your home is your sanctuary, where you can retreat from the day’s frenzy activity to rest and recharge. You come home, put on some soft music and grab a book, ready to unwind. But then your neighbour starts blasting their music or the dogs start barking relentlessly or you can hear every word from their TV – yet again. And you know this noise will continue to disturb you until late into the night.

Relaxation much? I don’t think so.

You can do several things to make your home comfortable, such as close the doors and windows to keep out the rain, wind and cold. You can draw the curtains to make your home private. But what can you do to shut out loud neighbours? How can outside noise be so intrusive?

Noise enters our homes mostly through open windows and doors. Even if you close your traditional windows/doors, the noise will still seep into your home through the tiniest cracks in the frames and through the glass pane itself.

However, there is a solution to this problem.

REHAU’s uPVC windows and doors have been engineered with sound reducing characteristics in mind. The triple chambered profile reduces noise ingress significantly. Furthermore, the compression seals in the window/door make the closed window airtight, so there is very little space for noise to enter. The window can also be fitted with special glass, be it single or double glazed, to further reduce the effect of noise in your home.
For those with a technical mind, REHAU’s uPVC windows can achieve Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings of 44dB.

The result? A quieter, calmer home where you can relax.

Installing windows and doors made from REHAU uPVC and fitted with special noise attenuating glass will definitely help.

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