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REHAU: Coastal weather is a test for windows and doors

Coastal weather is a test for windows and doors

If you live on the coast, you will know all about the harsh, windy weather your home is exposed to. Not only do the coastal regions endure windy weather for longer, but the wind speed itself is also higher than inland and is often accompanied by heavy rain or extreme heat. In tropical coastal areas, higher humidity means more moisture.

South Africa’s traditional windows and doors offer less protection against the weather of the coastal environment.  What is needed are fusion welded window and door frames that have no gaps between the profiles.  The windows and doors should have gaskets to ensure a snug fit when they are closed.  Furthermore, the window and door profiles should be made of a material that doesn’t corrode with the salt-laden sea air.

REHAU’s uPVC fenestration range is currently one of the best systems to use for coastal properties, as uPVC is a high-quality material that keeps its looks for many years.  The frames are welded together so that there are no air gaps in the corners.  The tight-closing windows and doors will eliminate drafts and moisture ingress.  Robust uPVC doesn’t corrode or deteriorate, so it will never need sanding, varnishing or painting.  Nor will it warp or rot.

Add double glazing to the uPVC frames (ie two panes of glass) and the energy efficiency of any home will increase due to the boost in insulation.  Moreover, the quality of life of the homeowners will also improve, as REHAU uPVC windows greatly reduce outside noise levels when closed.

Contact REHAU on johannesburg@rehau.com for more information.

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