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Energy Engineer chooses REHAU uPVC windows and doors  to save on energy costs

Energy saving is on everybody’s mind.  Whether you are a company director or a teenager at school, the financial and ecological impact of using energy at home, school or at work is a concern worldwide.

This is the main reason why a home owner in the Western Cape, who is an Energy Engineer by profession, chose to replace the outdated windows and doors at his residence with REHAU uPVC.  Convinced by the energy efficiency of REHAU uPVC frames, such as the limitation of temperature flow, he specified that all windows and doors be replaced with REHAU’s uPVC and fitted with double glazing.  The combination of an uPVC window/door frame with two panes of glass with an airspace between them, results in even higher energy efficiency.

The windows and doors at this residence were also equipped with multi-point locking hardware to increase the safety at the family home.  This means that the lock plus the extra pins grip into lock keeps in the steel reinforcement, making it difficult for any intruder to enter the home via a closed window or door.

Seiderer Multipoint lock 2.jpg

Seiderer Multipoint lock

That the uPVC frames are very durable and will never need to be sanded, painted or varnished was an extra benefit that made the choice for this Energy Engineer all the more obvious.

Seiderer door

Seiderer door

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