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Cosentino At The Forefront of Booming Facade Industry

Join us as we explore the future of the facade industry with Francisco Repiso, Commercial Project Director at Cosentino.

Dekton Aura15 facade | 444 N. Orleans, Chicago, IL.

Dekton Aura15 facade | 444 N. Orleans, Chicago, IL.

The facades industry is growing, and Cosentino is committed to developing and flourishing with it.  Francisco Repiso, Commercial Projects Director at Cosentino, shares his expert insight on the present and future of the facades industry and what Cosentino can offer architecture and design professionals through materials like Dekton, specialized support, and more. 

Tell us a little bit more about your role at Cosentino as it pertains to facades?

I am the Commercial Project Director at Cosentino North America and a key part of my role is developing and growing the facade business. I am deeply committed to this and work alongside an amazing team of experts to ensure facades become a flagship sales segment for Cosentino’s operations in North America.

Where do you see the facade space in the coming years?

The United States market is expected to emerge as one of the major consumers of rainscreen cladding in the near future. At Cosentino, we are investing tremendous time and resources to increase our brand awareness and working closely with architects and designers to offer them a facade material with fantastic performance and unmatched technical and aesthetic properties.

What are the biggest changes and innovations you’ve seen in the facade world in the past years?

The amount of customization we are able to achieve in terms of colors, formats, textures, and thicknesses is truly astounding – and it is only the beginning. Additionally, sustainability is a major factor – more than ever before. Dekton is certified carbon neutral throughout its entire lifecycle, which makes it an extremely environmentally responsible choice for facades.

Dekton Domoos facade | Porsche Design Center, Oak Brook, IL.

Can you share some details about Cosentino’s facade offering?

At Cosentino, we have the capability to manufacture large Dekton panels (up to 126”x56”) in different thicknesses (4, 8, 12, 20, 30 mm), which allows us to offer multiple facade systems for any type of structure, such as direct adhered and rainscreen facade systems (exposed or concealed). We work with the vast majority of national and international system manufacturers along with local installers to ensure we offer the perfect tailor-made solution for every project we are specified.

What makes Dekton the superior facade material? 

So many things – its technical properties make it truly the perfect material for facades. It is graffiti-proof, non-combustible, dead flat, resistant to scratches and stains, and able to sustain the harshest weather conditions without losing its technical or aesthetic properties.

If you would like more information on Dekton by Cosentino facades visit the Cosentino professional page.

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