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Ceilings May 26, 2024

Add Restaurant Ambience With Vintage Pressed Ceilings

A restaurant needs to be inviting and attractive, enticing people to spend their time in an attractive and comfortable setting while enjoying a meal with people they care about. Now you can add ambience to any restaurant with Vintage Pressed Ceilings for a classy, inspired look.

The ambience is key to achieving a memorable restaurant experience. In fact, a beautiful restaurant is all about the unique and trendy décor elements that make it special. One of the most wonderful ways to enhance a restaurant ambience is through the use of alluring decorative tin pressed panels.

Vintage Pressed Ceilings, the pressed decorative ceiling panel experts, know that these products add effortless charm to any restaurant, diner or eatery, which is why they offer the widest range of colours and intricate patterns for South Africans.

Thanks to a large variety of distinctive and appealing designs, restaurant owners can create a decorative backsplash with a 3-dimensional flair that looks great in any dining or bar area.

Don’t settle for the traditional porcelain tiled, wooden, brick or concrete look when the stunning sophistication of pressed ceiling panels can bring a room to life while serving as a conversation starter.


A simple look at some of these great restaurant ceilings and backsplashes speaks volumes about how pressed panels can transform the ambiance of a place, creating a textured, visual feast that never goes out of style.

As the sole South African importers of American Tin, the oldest and largest manufacturer of pressed ceilings in the world, Vintage Pressed Ceilings brings the magic and timeless charm of press panels into any restaurant with expert craftsmanship.

As a great bonus function for those in the food industry, acoustic tiles are ideal when installed in loud spaces such as bars, restaurants and cafés, reducing noise and room echo by up to 85% to solve noise problems and add a stunning finish that people gravitate towards.

Eating in a restaurant that is enveloped with a captivating pressed ceiling or punctuated with stylish tin panel backdrops adds to the ambiance, setting the mood for a memorable and enjoyable guest experience.

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