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Sonae Arauco: Innovus Antibacterial Properties

The concept of Matching Life is present in all aspects of Innovus, Sonae Arauco’s brand of decorative products. These decorative solutions bring elegance and natural beauty to your spaces and contain antibacterial properties for a clinical, high quality, and healthy application. 

Innovus decorative panels are certified for contact with food and can be used for the safe production of both home-based and professional furniture

Use and application

The key attributes of Innovus decorative panels is that they are durable and versatile. Because of this, Sonae Arauco’s wood-based panels are perfectly suited for the interior design application of homes (kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms), restaurants, hotels, and most commercial and public areas.

Their versatility in design makes it possible for them to be used in combination with other materials when incorporated into engineering projects.

Innovus’ interior décor solutions offer a large range of design applications for melamine panels which grants the consumer a wider decorative selection to choose from. Sonae Arauco’s solid wood alternatives are the best product for your home interior projects.

Technical Valuation 

Definitions, requirements, and classification of all of our Innovus panels are certified and tested under EN 14323 requirements. They are proven to be scratch, stain, and crack resistant with further protection for any other abrasions for these WoodgrainsUnicolours, and Fantasies categories. These products are E1-certified for acceptable formaldehyde release into the environment during the production process, bringing less harm to people and the planet.

All of Sonae Arauco’s plants and factories are certified in Occupational Health and Safety Management, Quality Management, and Environmental Management. This is in accordance with international safety standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 18001. The majority of them also hold Energy Management certification in accordance with ISO 50001

Quick to clean and durable 

As a matter of principle, all of Innovus’ wood-based panels have amenable hygiene properties. This is due to the compact structure of the surface and how easy it is to clean. The surface has no pores, cracks, sharp edges, or pocket-shaped depressions to bear which makes it difficult for dirt particles to adhere or become indented within the relevant surfaces.

What’s more, is that melamine finishes are liquid-repellent. This means they form tough, scratch-resistant surfaces that stand the test of time and function adequately under prolonged use. 

When compared to similar solid-wood alternatives, melamine finishes create sterile conditions that prevent reproduction of bacteria (Staphylococcus Aureus or Escherichia Coli to name a few) and are well-suited for applications that require special hygiene or cleaning requirements.

Surfaces that are exposed to contact with a high volume of people must be cleaned and adequately disinfected regularly. Thankfully, melamine finishes are quick and easy to clean, making them ideal for these sorts of interior uses.

How to clean

Clean your melamine boards using a damp and lukewarm cloth alongside a cup of vinegar. You may also use typical household all-purpose cleaners and disinfectants that are alcohol based. Use provided they do not contain any scouring agents, acids, or alkaline-based substances.

Any products that contain a high level of chlorine, such as bleach, should be avoided and immediately rinsed off using water if they come into contact with the product. 

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