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ProNature Eco Friendly 

With an ever-growing focus on sustainability and eco-friendly building methods, more and more consumers are searching for suppliers and products that are more environmentally friendly.

One such leading supplier of eco-friendly building products in South Africa is ProNature. 

The company offers an extensive selection of natural timber stains and sealers, as well as non-toxic cleaning agents and breathable paints in a wide range of colours.

The latter is not only friendly to the planet but also to people and their homes.

“There are many strange terms when talking about paint,” says ProNature’s Managing Director Bernhard Lembeck. “One of the is ‘breathable’.”

“All over South Africa, you can see paint peeling and flaking on buildings, sometimes after just a couple of months. What has gone wrong? Nine out of 10 times the cause is moisture. Moisture builds up behind the film-forming coatings of PVA paints, which restricts the passage of moisture and hinders its ability to evaporate. Eventually, the moisture will push the paint off the wall or wooden surface to escape. Hence breathability is important and applies to both interior and exterior walls, as well as wood.”

That means that not only does breathable paint last longer, providing you with a smooth, even finish for many years, but it is also more earth-friendly as ProNature’s range of breathable paints contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

“As such, it is safe for the chemically sensitive, asthma sufferers, pregnant women, children and pets,” the company explains.

“Breathable paint reacts with the surface instead of adhering to the top of the surface it is applied to,” explains Lembeck. 

“Besides the breathability aspect, there are many more reasons, why you could consider opting for breathable paint. Not only is it VOC-free but it contains natural ingredients and is easy to clean.”

In addition, breathable paint also limits mould growth, is non-combustible and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

“Since 1997 ProNature is still the only company in South Africa, that manufactures ‘guaranteed eco-friendly’ products with the absence of toxins like ammonia, formaldehyde, crystalline silica, odour-masking agents and volatile organic compounds,” continues Lembeck.

“Our paints are also biodegradable as it does not contain VOCs, HAPs, and EPA-exempt solvents,” Lembeck adds, making it the perfect green choice for your home.



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