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Plascon House Tour: Blue on Blue

Never be afraid to experiment with your favourite colours. In this vivacious abode, we see colour taking the lead, infusing life and energy into every room around this stunning residence. From the kitchen, to the bedroom, blue remains on trend, and we love the cool, calming qualities created by this invigorating hue!

In the kitchen, a clever all-blue wall is created as a stunning feature wall – with cabinets, appliances, tiles and even paint in the exact shade of blue to make a very bold statement of style in this fashionable space. Paired with the natural wooden tones of the furniture in this room, and the blue brings in a whole new dimension of sophisticated modern living. Similarly, the owners are evidently not afraid to bring in natural tones with greenery and plants to enhance the overall energy of this home. The outside peers indoors with vibrant colour from the natural flora just outside the house. This same vibrancy and colour is infused indoors through the use of beautifully potted plants, ferns and a collection of plants that breathe life into the living spaces. The blue concept is continued throughout the home, although in more subtle ways, such as the blue wall border created in the living room. Here white walls and ceiling create a bright, modern and eclectic living room, but those deep, blue tones of the drapes and wall cladding are hard to miss! We also love the use of playful wall art in an array of colour to adorn the walls. The same blue border is continued into the bedroom, bringing energy and a burst of colour into this space. We also love the trendy use of a woven metal chandelier over the master bed, as well as a playful mix of colourful throws and linen to add to the fresh, contemporary look of this home. Contact:Plascon Via

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