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Less Is More With Cemcrete

Join us on a tour of this simplistic home and simply fall in love with the “less is more’’ lifestyle, with all the latest design inspiration from Cemcrete.

Carefully put together by the homeowner herself, their life motto “Live Simple, Dream Big” was incorporated when building their new family home, to consist of easy maintenance and simplistic design.

​From built-in beds to a sunken bath, this home will provide you with all the inspiration you need to declutter and opt for the humble way of living. Cemcrete finishes are used on most surfaces (from floors, walls, and counter tops) and provide a sleek seamless look that we just “Simply” can’t resist!

How would you describe the style of your home?

“I would say our home is minimalistic with an industrial yet comfortable feel to it.”

What was the inspiration that led you to this design style?

“I love the saying, “less is more” and that’s exactly what this design style gave us. We wanted to keep our home simple but functional.”

Why did you choose Cemcrete floor and wall finishes for your home?

“We loved the simplistic feel and look of Cemcrete, we loved it so much that we even used it as our finished look on our countertops and build-in bed bases.”

What Cemcrete products and colours did you choose and why?

“We used the CreteCote Nickel Grey on our floors and kitchen countertops.
I love grey and the Nickel Grey blends with any colour you add to it. We used the CemCote Skimmed Mist on our bathroom walls – when I saw the product, I fell in love with it, it reminded me of the Mist you find in the Drakensberg when driving to the Coast.”

What is your favourite characteristic of a cement finish?

“One would think that the cement finish would make your home feel and appear cold, but I can honestly say that our home has never felt so warm and inviting. The seamless floors make our home look more spacious and the fact that we use the same colour throughout the house added to this look.”

Would you say Cemcrete finishes are pet-friendly?

“Most definitely! Our pets just love Cemcrete, it’s cool in Summer which makes it the perfect nap spot. Cemcrete is so easy to clean even if they make a mess with their little wet feet, it’s quick and easy to wipe off.”

Any tips for prospective homeowners when choosing finishes for their

“Take your time when choosing a colour for your home. The colour you choose should make you think of your favourite place or memory. I can guarantee you that you’ll never regret choosing that colour.”
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