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iTe Products: The Only Sustainable Way

While ‘greenwashing’ attempts to cloak businesses in eco-friendly facades, one company, iTe Products, stands firm, believing sustainability is not just a buzzword but a guiding ethos woven into every aspect of its operations.

Available in any colour, as long as it’s green

If you live in a part of South Africa that receives summer rain, you’ll no doubt be enjoying the green flush that is spreading across the landscape. Less welcome is the trend of ‘greenwashing’, where companies desperately try to appear as eco-friendly – sometimes even distorting the facts to appeal to more ecologically conscious customers.

Sustainability has become a buzzword, but at iTe Products, it is believed to be much more than that. To the company, it’s a fundamental principle of the way it operates, and a lot of thought has been given to just what it means to be sustainable.

Sustainability is here to stay

Naturally, one meaning of sustainability is being kinder to the planet. iTe Products have taken several steps to reduce the impact of its operations, including formulating GRIPiTe adhesives in such a way that they don’t contain volatile organic compounds. (VOCs are known to combine with other chemicals to form air pollution).

Close attention is paid to all logistics, and the team coordinates with suppliers and customers to optimise delivery routes. This means that vehicles drive fewer kilometres and emit less carbon.

Last but not least, the company created a calculator on the iTe Products website that lets you work out exactly how much of each product you need for each job. Avoiding excess ordering saves you money, prevents waste, and lowers carbon emissions associated with manufacturing and delivery.

The lasting impact of sustainability

All human activities involve using some of the Earth’s resources, but it’s the way we go about this that can make a difference. Because iTe Products is obsessed with quality, and products are easy to use, you’ll only ever have to do each job once. Again, that’s good news for your business (helping to make it financially sustainable) and your clients – it avoids costly repeats and reputational harm – but it also means fewer resources used for each project.

Also, when you use flooring and construction products from iTe Products, you get the peace of mind that comes with a warranty – you know they will last, and that both you and your customers can enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

A career is for life

One aspect of sustainability that’s often overlooked is the human element… if you work in construction or flooring, it’s not merely a job – it’s a career. You’re a skilled professional able to do things that most people can’t. To help you stay that way, we provide free training courses on how to prepare for, mix and use each of our products, keeping you up to speed on all the latest developments.

iTe Products also formulates products with your health in mind – omitting VOCs means that they are safer and more pleasant to use, both for you and for end users. iTe Products, is building tomorrow today – that’s the brand’s definition of sustainability.

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