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Introducing The New Rubio WoodCream

The new Rubio WoodCream is an innovative wax-based cream for a long-lasting, breathable, and water-repellent protection of wood.

Rubio WoodCream is a breathable hydrophobic wax-based cream that colours and protects exterior vertical wood and makes it water-repellent. The hydrophobic Rubio WoodCream technology in combination with its unique cream structure offers both on-product as on-application level important benefits. This moisture-regulating cream provides water-repellent and self-cleaning wood protection. Long contact technology ensures a perfect absorption of the cream into the wood’s pores, without covering them, thus ensuring the wood’s natural moisture balance and structure.

Depending on the chosen colour, wood type and orientation of the exterior vertical wood, the colour will last between 5 to 10 years. After about 5 years, the pearl effect (water-beading) will gradually diminish.

A joy to work with and a feast for the eyes!

Rubio WoodCream Softener allows you to decrease the colour intensity of the Rubio WoodCream colours to achieve a more transparent effect. Furthermore, Rubio WoodCream Softener also offers the solution for fans of an instant aged look: choose a colour from the Grey Collection and mix it with this product. Moreover, Rubio WoodCream Softener is the ideal partner for maintenance solutions on Rubio WoodCream surfaces.

Unique Characteristics:

· Wax-based hydrophobic cream.
· Low environmental impact and VOC free.
· Non film-forming, does not flake off.
· Water-repellent with pearl effect; the pearl effect makes the surface self-cleaning.
· The water-repellent and self-cleaning effect reduce the risk of micro-organism growth (algae, molds, fungi) and frost damage.
· Breathable and moisture-regulating.
· The wood pores remain open; this allows the wood to breathe and guarantees an optimal moisture-regulation.
· Cream structure.
· Penetrates deep into the subsoil.
· Low usage: 50 to 80 g/m² per layer, depending on the absorption of the substrate.
· Easy to apply on all vertical wooden surfaces.
· Furthermore, it is easier to apply on other paint systems and surfaces than other paints and wood treatment products (no dripping, no masking tape, easy to apply overhead).
· In conclusion, it can also be applied in 1 or 2 layers depending on the look you want.

For more visit Rubio Monocoat.


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