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Instant Beauty of a silver-grey finish, naturally with ProNature!

Tired of waiting for nature to weather your deck? Or disappointed of the uneven colour appearance, mould growth and splitting of the timber? Summer is almost here and it’s time to get it right!


Explore ProNature products for a beautiful, naturally treated wood finish.

”Just let it weather” has been popular over the last years but now regret is setting in? When timber is left to age without any protective coating it starts to grey, which represents degraded timber fibres. The naturally greyed deck may look stunning from the distance; however, glancing at it closely from your sun lounger lets you notice the downsides. Instead of a soft, silvery grey appearance the wood looks rather dirty, dry and may have split already.


There are alternatives to the average brown varnish! ProNature’s Outdoor Sealers are offered in 60 colours, including various grey tones for an instant sliver look, giving you an even finish and protection from all the elements. May it be sun, rain, pool water, spills of sunblock or your favourite cocktail.

A bio-degradable, penetrating natural oil, harmless to you and the environment. The application is super easy: The unvarnished deck just needs to be clean and dry and if it has severely weathered it can be revived with products of their cleaning range prior to the application. Even the maintenanceis hassle-free as this coating system does not require any sanding before re-oiling.


In a nutshell – why to seal your exterior wood:

·Weathering – when left exposed to the elements, wood can very quickly become weathered & damaged due to the high porosity of the material. Untreated timber has little resistance to water absorption, which can lead to the wood rotting and decaying over-time.
·UV degradation – UV rays can cause wood to grey, discolour & lose flexibility, which can be prevented by nourishing the wood using a pigmented, oil-based, penetrating sealer.
·Fungal growth – exterior wood a natural, mineral surface when saturated with water creates the perfect surface for fungal growth such as mould & algae to grow, leading to large green patches on the timber. Applying the exterior wood oil can help limit this fungal growth.
·Wear & tear – whether internal or external, wood can become scratched and damaged over time. Oil can help protect the wood from this wear & tear, helping to keep it looking beautiful for years to come. And if it happened: ProNature Outdoor Sealer allows you to spot-repair.
pronature-outdoor-deck-kapok-root-wood-sealer copy
ProNature manufactures exterior and interior wood sealers in Cape Town for the last 26 years. The Green Chemists are Pioneers in natural, bio-based coating systems and always following European standards. German Technology – Locally Manufactured.Why not paint a greener future with ProNature’s Indoor/Outdoor Wood Sealers?  These Natural, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic , BreathableWood Oils ranging from transparent clear to intensive tones, all Coloured by Earth, only mineral pigments get used.
You can contact  the super friendly and knowledgeable Team to learn more about their Wood Sealants and many other products.
Explore ProNature products for a beautiful, naturally treated wood finish.

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