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Plascon House Tour: Roof Top Living

Today’s house tour takes us to a modern Stockholm apartment that is both edgy and visually appealing. Skylights are scattered throughout this home, bringing in much needed natural light to this contemporary abode.

Modern loft ceilings, white-washed walls and wooden floors add to the relaxed vibe of this home. A simple arrangement of framed artworks add aesthetic appeal in the dining area and an industrial-style table in wood and metal makes for a great focal point in this room. Pops of greenery add life into this sterile space, while a gorgeous geometric printed rug adds texture and depth here. We love the industrial style of the living areas, complete with concrete finished walls that give it an edgy and urban feel in tones of grey. And who can ignore the striking metal cabinet on display here – the raw edges and hard finishes add to the contemporary ambiance of this interior space. A simple arrangement of suitacases on display adds to the rustic charm of this home. The choice of minimalist flooring and colour add to the sense of modern appeal. A string of metal lights on the ceiling also work well in this industrial kitchen, fully kitted out with a gorgeous island in shades of charcoal and grey as a feature here. The shape of the ceiling adds character throughout this residence, and even more so in this cosy sitting area where a comfy sofa and a few chairs create an inviting little retreat for the family. A stunning oval window frames the sitting area and adds to the lightness of this refreshing space. The grey and woody tones of this home carries through to the bedroom and choice of minimalist bed linen that blends in with the urban and rustic feel of the house. An interesting layered mirror effect is seen on the one end of the room and a striking metal container is used as industrial bedside table with a simple, unadorned and urban bedside light on either end of the bed. Here again, the loft styled curved walls and interesting window shapes add to the character of this room. The overall feel is simple, uncluttered and relaxed. Contact: Plascon Via

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