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Elite Deco Paints: Timeless Luxury & Modern Opulence

It’s all about modern opulence in state of the art wall designs and finishes…

Welcome to a world of opulence in wall paints. Here you can create an inviting and harmonious atmosphere, a place for one to retreat to enjoy these homely comforts.

Elite Deco paints are proud to boast the highest quality paint colours. They subsequently use top class ingredients in the manufacturing process to give the ultimate in wall finishes. Using the most accomplished blending techniques, you’ll find the following ranges in the Elite Deco brand of paints:


A quick drying, eco-friendly interior decorative wall paint that simulates a view of rough sand hills. It is thus designed to aspire towards a desert-like feel to the place and walls and turn the surroundings into paintings inspired by the wonderful nature of the desert. It adds warmth and cosiness to the room and can furthermore be dispensed in any colour of your choice. Available in 1 litre and 4 litre buckets.


An elegant, sophisticated finish for interiors which produces a velvet effect that is rich in shading and soft to the touch, and suitable for both classical settings and modern contexts. It allows the most sophisticated decorative needs to be met, according to the user’s imagination and the application technique used. It can subsequently be used to create an intimate surrounding and can be dispensed in a colour of your choice in 1 and 4 litre buckets.


Indulge in this refined and prestigious decorative finish suitable for interior design,  characterised by  extraordinary sparkling and gleaming precious crystals which come from an opaque pigmented micro-areas, and which gives natural dark and light shades. Because of it’s unique characteristics and versatility, it can be used in elegant environments, both classical and neo-classical style, to modern places, in public places and private dwellings. This is also available in both 1 litre and 4 litre buckets.


Metallic is a unique decorative refinishing with pearled effect. It contains special resins and pigments that renders resistance and weather ability to the product. The unnecessary and excessive are stripped away: cool , clean lines are balanced with softness and warmth in a new generation of luxury paint. Available in any colour of your choice in pastel or darker shades in 1litre and 4 litre buckets.

Become the talk in your circle of friends by becoming one of the first to coat the walls of your home using Elite Deco paints, a paint of the future … 

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