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Cape Town Wall Design: Bathrooms Can Become relaxing sanctuaries

Gone are the days when the bathroom was an afterthought – a space without style, creativity, and expression. We’ve progressed. These days it’s commonplace to extend interior design efforts to this area of your home. Nowadays, bathrooms can become relaxing sanctuaries if they’re done right.

This then begs the question of decor materials. Wallpaper is a convenient way to incorporate a fancy feeling into any room. As such, at Cape Town Wall Design, we’ve often been asked: “Can wallpaper be used in bathrooms, considering the “changing climate” in the space?”

In short, absolutely you can! But let us elaborate…

All the wallpapers from Cape Town Wall Design are dye-sublimated onto a 100% polyester textile, making them extremely durable. They’re also scratch-proof, meaning you can wipe them down without worrying. Wiping with a damp cloth will also do no damage to the art.


Orchid Dreams for Florals

There is only one rule regarding wallpaper and bathrooms – the golden rule – and that is to avoid using the wallpaper in an area where it will be immersed in water. This will slowly affect the glue and result in the wallpaper lifting over time.

Bathrooms truly offer a world of opportunities for wallpaper use. Whether you’re creating a stunning focal point in your or your client’s main ensuite with a wallpaper mural behind the bathtub, or making a showstopper out of your home’s guest washroom – wallpaper can help you achieve the results you’re after.

Interior mockup

Dark Strelitzia for the big bold oversized murals.

While many believe wallpaper and bathrooms are a mismatch, in reality, it’s the opposite! For example, a small bathroom provides the perfect space to go wild with your favourite wallpaper patterns, which may feel too bold to utilise in other rooms. Patterns with interesting themes encourage the eyes to move across the design, making your bathroom appear larger or more spacious.

We do, however, suggest keeping to a medium- or large-scale design pattern to prevent the area from looking “too busy” or cluttered.

Floral designs are always a popular choice for bathrooms, and this trend has continued into 2024, with oversized bold murals – such as our ORCHID DREAMS – taking pride of place.

Minimal bathroom wall mockup psd interior design

Mughal Garden for the vintage style

One interesting theme that is growing in popularity is vintage-inspired designs, which add a sense of timelessness – seen here in our MUGHAL GARDEN.

Don’t let a little dampness dull your bathroom! Make your decor dreams come true, with wallpaper!

Contact: Cape Town Wall Design.

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