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Nov 13, 2019

Warm Up Your Home With These Top Furnishing Ideas From Kare Design

The weather has been pretty unpredictable lately. It could be a beautiful clear sky the one day, and pouring with rain the next. Keep your interiors calm and cosy, regardless of what is happening outdoors with these top furnishing ideas and mood boards for a warm, beautiful interior, from Kare Design.

Warm Accessories

Warm tones will instantly lift your interior. Think curry and turmeric, mustard and pepper… to warm us from the inside. This colour palette is exactly the right recipe to bring rooms to life with a cosy feel.

Curry Powder

We love hints of curry tones in a warm living room. The below sideboard and display cabinet is from the La Gomera collection (steel, glass with brass handles).  The green velvet sofa Cigar Lounge and all other articles are also available from Kare Design. We totally love this look with warm accessories to infuse your living space with energy.

Get the look with this striking accessories in warm tones. Among our favourites from Kare Design you’ll find Table Lamp Fringes, Nonna velvet armchair, Bugs bowl, Spectra sofa, Fall Forest and Forest Leaves cushions and that gorgeous Thinktank brown armchair.

The below side table set of two in a stunning black wire finish with glass in marble is a fantastic look. coffee table Collector with case and secret compartment for the Bordeaux, green ceramic Vase Bloom, handmade

Chilli Chic

Pops of bright chilli tones are enough to spice up any space. Our favourites from Kare Design includes printed rug Blocks Orange, glass vase Art Pastel Red, Wild Life Orange cushion, suitcase Footstool with storage and floor lamp Welcome Rusty.



Whatever your choice, find a beautiful collection of homeware and accessories now available from Kare Design.

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