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Nov 12, 2020

Tim Harris: 2021 Décor Trends – Taking Cues From The Crisis

2020 has been a disruptive year and its effects will certainly influence décor and design trends.

This is according to Tim Harris, Founder of TimHarris Design who outlines five of the top trends he anticipates taking shape in 2021:

Natural Elements

After being thrust into the digitally dominated ‘new normal’ and cooped up indoors for several months during the stricter stages of the national lockdown, many people will want to incorporate natural elements into their homes. Bringing the outdoors in can be achieved by using natural materials like wood as well as by adding more plants around the home.


2020 saw many South Africans being forced to blur the lines between work and home. In 2021, working-from-home is set to continue, with businesses not only wanting to keep employees safe and cut costs, but also to tap into the elevated levels of productivity that became evident during levels 5 and 4 of lockdown. To adapt their homes more easily to this new way of working, people are opting for functional furniture. With modular shelving, for instance, you can rearrange your home office as often as desired and without any hassle at all.

Critical Buying:

With 78% of South African consumers still being financially affected by the COVID-19 crisis[i], people will be buying less and thinking more carefully about their purchases – opting for quality over quantity. In doing so, they will be buying more sustainably, making considered investments in the items they do buy and cutting down on the clutter in their homes. With this in mind, the minimalism trend is set to really take root in 2021.


Statement Pieces:

Clearer spaces set the stage for statement pieces which can be used to add depth and a splash of personal style. A statement piece could be anything from an oversized piece of art, a bold wall hanging, or a beautiful display wall.

Buying Local:

Thanks to the spirit of unity that has emerged from the crisis, many South Africans will buy locally to support their fellow countrymen. Nowadays, not only will they be buying something to make their home look beautiful, it’s going to put food on the table for an entrepreneur and their employees as well as contribute to economic growth.

“For anyone wanting to tap into the latest trends, my advice ultimately would be to surround yourself with things that you love and to make your space represent you and what you wish for 2021,” concludes Harris.

For more information, or to purchase any of the setups in the TimHarris Design collection, go to www.timharris.co.za.

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