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Furniture Jan 20, 2023

Studio Delta: Adding Colour To The Nordic Minimalist Style

When using the Nordic minimalist style as inspiration, it’s always good to go back to its origins – nature. Studio Delta shows us exactly how to achieve a refined look by adding colour to the Nordic minimalist style for a touch of sophistication.

A true replica of the natural origin of the style is sometimes hard to achieve, but by using the right materials and sometimes even leaning into those hard contrasts, can lead to something magical.

This delicate balancing act of combining a homey feeling with steel furniture is what the team at Studio Delta strive to achieve so effortlessly. When using a modern and sleek steel piece, they like to combine this with a softer colour, like their Retro Display Cabinet in the foamy sea-blue-coloured steel. This fresh burst of colour in your home, combined with plants and rich foliage can help you achieve that true Nordic minimalist style.

Things we love about this style:

  • It’s sleek and simple where less is more.
  • The style feels organic as it links back to nature.
  • A great way to add natural flair to a room.
  • It’s possible to mix and match pieces to get your own unique look.

Go for this trendy interior style and visit Studio Delta to discover the secrets to creating a dreamy interior with Nordic minimalism.

Studio Delta.

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