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Furniture Mar 20, 2023

Spotlight Versatile Interiors

Established in 1993, Versatile Interiors has been supplying the South African market with quality office furniture for many years.

“Our mission is to be the best value for money office furniture supply company, providing an excellent level of service surpassing our client’s expectations,” says the company.

In addition, they also design custom office furniture to ensure each and every client’s needs are catered to  a T. Of course, for the company to offer the best advice and solutions, it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends in office design and furniture, which is exactly what they do daily.

Here, the team shares the top trends for 2023 to ensure a happy and productive office environment.

Dedicated retreat spaces

As more and more workers return to the office, the demand for spaces in which to retreat, relax and unwind becomes bigger. Think quiet rooms and outside spaces, with no wifi or cell reception, where employees can take a short mental – and physical – break.

More moving about

Apart from sitting all day being terrible for your health, it also creates bubbles. Employees that don’t move around a building are cut off from one another and rarely have the opportunity to chat or brainstorm with other departments. Encouraging moving about is not only the healthy thing to do but also the productive thing as it encourages problem-solving and creativity. As such, the creation of different zones or levels is on the increase in modern office spaces.

More hospitable spaces

Work environments are becoming friendlier by the day as design focus is placed on creating a friendly space and atmosphere that is conducive to productivity. This includes increased natural light in offices, customisable lighting and air controls and much more to ensure each employee has a pleasant experience that positively influences their psyche.


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