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Furniture Jan 29, 2021

Topolansky Fine Furniture: 4 Ways To Design A Classic Office

A luxury premium office is a space of refinement and sophistication. Topolansky Fine Furniture shows us how to achieve a classic office with all the essentials we need to turn a dull space into a luxury, traditional workspace.

A solid wood desk

Start your new office design with a solid wood desk. A bold wooden desk is an asset in a classic office space. The rich woody textures of the desk will help to set the tone and add to the sophisticated working environment. Only the finest timber will do here. Topolansky Fine Furniture hand selects the quality timber used for their Premium Range of furniture. Solid first-grade Mahogany adds to the beauty and timeless qualities of a vintage wooden desk in this range.

Timeless materials

Wood and leather create a timeless blend used in traditional office environments. In the classic office, the use of both will certainly add to the overall look. The beautiful aged quality of superior leather, married to the organic texture and tone of quality wood. Nothing can beat this combination.

Topolansky Fine Furniture’s vintage hand-aged leather collection is in a league of its own. Influenced by iconic designs of the past and present and over thirty years of industry experience this group collection is a testimony to timeless elegance.

Handcrafted elegance

Traditional furniture pieces tell a story – one of the artisans who spent decades perfecting the craft. Each item in Topolansky Fine Furniture’s Premium range is hand-assembled and uses traditional joinery as per the dovetail method that is proven to be of the highest standard and has been tested over time.

Vintage and high quality

Nothing compares to superior quality furniture. Topolansky Fine Furniture looks to the worn in, lived in. With a unique style, the team plays with tradition, looks at the classics with modern eyes, and produces something fresh, exciting and current. As a brand, Topolansky offers products designed and made using a number of natural materials, authentic handcraftsmanship and traditional fabrication techniques. It seeks to combine pieces into a distinctive and unique look that appeals to the discerning buyer of high-quality furniture.


Create a timeless and elegant office with Topolansky Fine Furniture.

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