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Furniture Feb 23, 2024

Maldini: Introducing Nice by Pianca

Introducing Nice… a sofa that freely explores various forms of hospitality…

A reassuring design with eclectic modularity… This is Nice, a sofa designed for Pianca and now available from Maldini. The sofa’s key benefit is versatility, offering plenty of compositional and style variations. Designed to bring authentic gracefulness to contemporary home furnishing, it boasts soft volumes and balanced proportions for the ultimate relaxation and conviviality.

Presented at the recent Salone del Mobile event, Nice instantly sparked great interest. And we can certainly see why. It’s a beautiful addition to the Pianca collections, offering versatility and style in one.

Besides the classic linear version, 135° or 150° angled central and end modules are also available. These setups will make it even more pleasant and comfortable to sit and converse in company. The round end pouffe with vertical stitching, a distinctive personal touch, is perfect for large living room spaces. This offers guests greater freedom of movement compared to traditional room layouts.

Our thoughts?

Soft, subtle design, generous, inviting volumes. The Nice sofa has a distinctively reassuring, appealing, timeless style. What’s more is that all of the upholstered elements are finished with an elegant gros grain border, either matching or contrasting with the covers. This detail is particularly outstanding in bouclé or soft chenille fabrics.

Its range of modules, sizes and different forms means Nice has plenty of scope for dynamic, contemporary bespoke configurations that sit perfectly in the space around them. Wide seats and ample cushions ensure superior comfort, for total relaxation and winding down. The volumes are enhanced with beautiful finishes. The gros grain trim, and now available in matching or contrast finish for sophisticated, elegant detail.

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