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Furniture Jan 13, 2022

Maldini: Design The Ultimate Outdoor Retreat At Home

Who needs a tropical breakaway when you can create your very own slice of paradise in your backyard. Outdoor living calls for fresh and inviting spaces to entertain and enjoy life in the sunshine. Design the ultimate outdoor retreat with some of our favourite picks from Maldini.

1. Plan Your Outdoor Space

Demarcate areas around your backyard to maximise your space. Decking near a pool, a courtyard or patio for dining, an outdoor kitchen and lounging space. These top ideas are great for creating conversations and enjoying life outdoors with your loved ones. Plan the area accordingly and create separate zones for living, outdoor entertainment, alfresco dining and more.

2. Create a Comfy Spot for Lounging

Outdoor lounging is all about added comfort and finding pleasure in the great outdoors. It’s a spot to enjoy your morning cuppa or curl up with your mid-day read. Either way, you’ll need comfy seats that will also hold up well under the elements. The Il Loft Super Roy armchair is one such must-have outdoor seating solution to maximise your outdoor lounging experience. This asymmetrical armchair is available with one armrest on one side or the other, or with two armrests. The rigid, quilted headrest has a padded bolster cushion to ensure the utmost comfort. Furthermore, the armchair is made with a stainless steel frame and feet, and can be covered with various fabric options from the outdoor collection, which are antistatic, waterproof and resistant to mould and bacteria.


3. A Drinks Corner

Whether you’re looking forward to sunset cocktails, or a bistro vibe at home with your favourite mocha, you’ll need to find the perfect spot outdoors for a little drinks corner. Add a few barstools around a counter top, or create a little den with chairs and a side table. If space is limited, smaller compact tables are a great choice.

The practical Pinette Aile coffee table available from Maldini can be opened and closed with a simple gesture using its unique flexibility. This is where functionality meets style for an easy-to-use foldable design. A hexagonal base supports a round top with a leather strap in the centre that, if pulled, folds the table in one simple motion.

4. Innovative Storage

If you’re creating a functional outdoor living room, be sure to consider ample storage. You’ll need a spot to store throws and blankets, scatters and more when not in use. Designed for both indoors and outdoors, the Pinetti Alicante Tall Basket is a nifty storage solution. With a refined approach to a classic storage element, the Alicante basket is composed of S-shaped taupe leather elements intersecting one another, fixed on both ends with polished chrome pins. Perfect also as a blanket, shoes holder or a simple piece of décor, this piece is available with or without lid and comes in different natural colours.

Plan your next great escape to your own backyard with the perfect outdoor entertainment space. Shop some of the latest outdoor furniture finds from renowned brands at Maldini.

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