Leonardo Design: Tips To Table Styling At Home

Learn to style your living room tables and let your personality shine through at home. From coffee tables to dining and side tables, Leonardo Design is a leading South African producer and retailer of decorative tables. Here we share some tips to help you style your tables and bring a designer edge to your home.

Before decorating:

Plan the space and use tape to demarcate where your table decor and objects will be placed. This technique will help you measure what will fit and how much of the table you wish to decorate. It will also help you keep things simple and avoid cluttering the space.


Shape and height:

Try to incorporate a mixture of shapes. Rectangular objects are great for structure but will look too stuffy without any variation. Round trays, bowls, and candles come in handy to break up these stuffy lines. Height falls under the same concept, find one central piece with substantial height compared to the rest for chic symmetry.


Start with a Base: Stack objects on top of books or a decorative tray. The rule of three applies excellently to coffee table design. Create three separate collections on your table, each with a different base.


Complementary colours:

Find decor that will be eye-catching on your table. For example, if your table is constructed of dark wood, enhance it with white accents. Think about the other colours in the room too. Be sure to add drama and contrast with striking colours or go for a more minimalist look with one colour palette of decor.


Leonardo Design’s Lafayette Console table and coffee table are modern and elegant – the perfect addition to any living room. We love the curved edges and modern design to bring added style and sophistication to your home.


While Leonardo Design has a stellar collection of standard tables, they can also adapt any of table designs to a particular fashion, material or colour scheme. In addition, they offer a bespoke service where they collaborate closely with clients and designers to create something truly unique and special.

For more visit Leonardo Design.


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