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Kare Design: How To Make The Most Out of a Small Dining Room

Create an elegant and intimate dining room, no matter the size of your interior. With our useful tips and quality furniture from Kare Design, you’ll be celebrating the summer in true style in no time!

No space for a full-on dining room retreat? No worries, a smaller nook, kitchen counter or corner in a room can suffice. All you need to make it work is a table top (or counter) and a few stylish seats for added comfort. With modern suburban homes maximising every inch of space these days, tiny dining rooms are now a trend!

Here’s what you need:

  • Create a zone in a room or kitchen for dining.
  • Add a few compact seating options around the counter or table.
  • Create an intimate setting with beautiful lighting.
  • Measure up your table. Smaller tables can make a statement. We suggest a tiny round table to maximise seating potential in your room.

Keep it light

In a smaller dining room, try to create the illusion of space by limiting unnecessary clutter. Keep things light and open and make the most of natural lighting to enhance your interior. Top tip: A glass table often makes a space feel larger as light reflects off the surface and it doesn’t seem as large or obtrusive as a solid material.

Add a glam factor

Limited space doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. Add a touch of glamour to your dining room with a blend of materials. We love metallic hints with brass, gold and even silver accents. For the ultimate elegance in the dining room, a striking upholstered seat will certainly do the trick and add definition.


Sometimes the most difficult part about creating a dining room with limited space is establishing it as its own space. Hang a pendant lamp over your dining table and set it apart from other zones in an open plan area. This will quite literally give it the spotlight it deserves. This will also give your dining table some much-needed separation from other areas, making it its own established space with its own purpose.


Elevate your dining room with the above top picks now available from Kare Design. We’re always excited about their latest collections for that unique and distinct interior look.

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