Kare Design Celebrates Women

Celebrating the powerful, feminine and maternal, Kare Design is proud to honour the important women in our lives this women’s month. With a striking range of sofas and furniture to suit any personality, here we share some of the top choices from Kare Design and how you can bring a feminine touch to your home.

The right choice of sofa can transform your living room. With so many shapes, fabrics and possibilities available today, you can bring a truly customised look to your home. These are some of our favourites from Kare Design:

Sofa Series: Infinity

Would you like a little more? Or do you only have a corner available? Infinity is a series of different elements that all fit in harmoniously together. Whether it is for a small living room or a large loft, with Infinity you simply add on and adopt your current furnishings situation to ensure that it remains stylish.

Twelve elements offer individual possibilities for every size of apartment and budget. The smart crossover of reduced chic and lounge style, balanced proportions and carefully crafted details make this Infinity expandable sofa a real must-have.

Sofa Series: Gianna

Thinking outside of the box: a modern and corner sofa with straight, clear lines. It combines reduced chic with the lounge style and looks very light-footed at the same time. This sofa is absolutely loft-suitable, but fits into a classic environment. It also comes in many fabrics and sizes.

Besides the perfect sofa, add the ideal collection of curated finds to your living room to create a truly inspired space. Hints of gold add instant luxury while a mix of materials will bring a modern edge to your home. Choose among our top finds now available at Kare Design and embrace the beauty of a designer interior in your own space.

Here are some of our top picks, including mirrors, rugs, seating and more:

Shop these and other collections at Kare Design.


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