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Time For An Autumn Refresh with Cielo

After a scorching summer, we welcome autumn’s return and the season of change that it signals. It’s the ideal time to refresh your style with Cielo, especially now that we’ll be spending more time indoors. We’re always looking to inspire, so we’ve prepared a brief look into some small interior changes that can deliver a big change in the way your living space feels over autumn.

Scandinavian design and feel:

The Scandinavian aesthetic frequently incorporates natural materials like stone and wood, lots of natural light, and minimalist design components. The goal is to create a calm and comfortable environment that aligns with the feel of the season. Now that winter is drawing near, it’s suitable for your home to exude these traits because they convey an abundance of natural warmth.


With its increased popularity in the northern hemisphere’s autumn season, velvet is set to become a key material here too. Adding velvet pillows to your living area will instantly give it a warm, inviting appearance that doesn’t sacrifice style. Consider incorporating a couch or armchair with velvet upholstery into your living area. To go with the white, grey, and natural wood colour scheme of the Scandinavian aesthetic, choose muted tones like navy blue or charcoal grey.


Autumn throws and scatters:

With Autumn setting in, it’s the ideal time to introduce the requisite seasonal coloured throws and scatters. The autumn palette features an array of complementary colours that will enliven your living spaces with style, so get creative!


Adding bouclé to your home decor infuses your space with warmth, texture, and cosy luxury that’s perfect for the autumn season. Consider investing in furniture pieces upholstered in bouclé fabric such as a bouclé sofa, armchair, or ottoman. Choose neutral tones like cream, beige, or grey for a timeless look that complements a variety of decor styles, while also adding texture and visual interest.



Autumnal candle colours such as deep red, orange, gold, and brown will complement your themed decor. Group candles of varying heights and sizes together on a wooden stand or in a candle holder to create a visually appealing centrepiece for your living room, coffee table, or mantel. Scents like pumpkin spice, cinnamon, apple cider, vanilla, and amber are perfect for creating a cosy autumn ambiance in your home.


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