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Finding the perfect balance when it comes to your reception area can be a tricky task!

Finding the perfect balance when it comes to your reception area can be a tricky task!

Your reception area is the first thing your clients get when they walk in.  The design of the area plays an important role in making your clients feel confident in your business or ultimately making them want to run for the hills.

Furniture, colour, décor and layout are a few things to consider.

While your clients are sitting in your waiting area they are subconsciously formulating their initial opinion on your company.  First impressions do count, make it a welcoming one.


The most important aspect to your layout is not to overcrowd causing a cluttered environment and not to have to little furniture that your clients feel unwelcome.

Striking the perfect balance is key.  Choose the correct reception counter.  Not only is it the place where your receptionist will complete many tasks but it is also the focal point of the room, a design piece in its own right.


Seating is an integral part of any reception area.  A dedicated waiting area will make your customers feel welcome.  The right pieces will also enhance the space and image that your company portrays.  Pick sophisticated soft seating and trendy occasional chairs.  Stay away from lounge furniture that is meant for home use.


Colour is a great way to remind your visitors of your brands colours and your décor will reflect the company’s personality.

Decide what sort of aesthetic you want to portray.  For a minimalist look, neutral colours are fantastic.  While choosing a combination of bold colours will energize your visitors and show off your creativity.

Murals, wall art and wallpaper make for great feature walls, paired with some plants for a touch of nature.

Whichever you decide.  Ensure that it accurately reflects your company and brand.

At Versatile Interiors, we know that choosing reception furniture can be both fun and daunting.  Let us assist with your brainstorming ideas and steer you in the right direction of making your reception area an unforgettable one.  With 26 years of experience, knowledge and endless ideas, we’re sure to put you on the right path.

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