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Furniture Jun 26, 2021

Wood Tailors Club: Rattan & Walnut – Still A Trend

Rattan and Walnut – a timeless combination and still on-trend in 2021 and beyond! Let’s take a closer look at Wood Tailors Club and the brand’s interpretation of this classic duo in modern design.

Light it up

Featuring an elegant silhouette, the Hamilton Pendant Lamp will be the ultimate eye-catching piece in the décor space proper of a gentleman. We love the traditional feel of this lamp. The solid wood frame is timeless and with a rattan shade, it the perfect lighting solution to brighten up any room.

Inspired by Lord Claud John Hamilton, this lamp pays homage to this British Member of parliament from the Victorian Era. Hamilton was also a member of the oldest and most prestigious gentlemen’s club of London.

Inspired by the exclusiveness of this private gentleman club, Wood Tailors’ designers conceived this classic Hamilton lamp with a modern design touch.

In the bedroom

Walnut and Rattan are a match made in heaven in any bedroom. We love the luxe vibe of this pairing! Here, the Harrison Nightstand adds a dose of elegance to your space.

Even though established in cosmopolitan, chaotic cities, gentlemen’s exclusive clubs can provide an “oasis of tranquillity” inside its robust and opulent walls. So, inspired by that prestigious experience, the Harrison nightstand evokes the soothing essence of “The Quiet Beatle”, George Harrison.

Designed for timeless furniture lovers, this rattan nightstand is strikingly handcrafted in solid walnut wood. It features a four-legged structure, with a matte-smoked finish, and rattan details. So the Harrison nightstand establishes a connection between tradition and modernity. It allies the majestic traces of a prestigious club with a more modern feel.

You can also add a luxe factor to your bedroom walls with the Hudson Mirror. Hudson is handcrafted in walnut wood and finished with natural matte varnish. The Hudson Mirror blends the traditional expertise with a modern design approach, being enriched with rattan along with its curvaceous shape. Reflecting a deal between aesthetic and function, this deluxe mirror will be an exclusive aesthetic delight.

In the living room

A chaise longue is the ideal spot to curl up with a book and forget your woes. Brooks Chaise Longue pays homage to the talented Collin Brooks, with a walnut structure merged with soft, classy linen that lays on top of rattan. Here you can create your own stories and let your imagination flow while being embraced by the comfort of Brooks.

Next up we have the bold Crockford Sofa. Every man cave needs one of these beauties. Masculine and classic, Crockford features rounded Walnut curves and a beautiful dark tone. It boasts arefully handcrafted rattan details and honours William Crockford and his Gentlemen’s Club. A simpler version of this piece (rattan free) was also created, which is the perfect choice if you are looking for a more minimalist style.

Finally, an everyday occasional seat such as the William Armchair is another great find for the home. Rigorously handcrafted in solid walnut wood and upholstered in linen, the William Armchair is subsequently enriched with rattan texture on its arms. This gives it a timeless touch and embellished with brushed brass details. Love it!

For a beautiful merger between classic and modern, traditional and contemporary, be sure to check out the wares available from Wood Tailors Club.

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