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Furniture Dec 18, 2023


If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the dining room must be the hub. It’s a place where family and friends gather to share meals and create lasting memories.

To ensure your dining space is not only inviting but also functional, it’s essential to carefully select the right dining room chairs. In this dining room chair buying guide, we’ll explore key considerations and take a look at some top picks now available at SHF. Keep reading for the latest tips and trends…

Measure for a Perfect Fit:

Before embarking on your dining chair shopping journey, take precise measurements of your dining room and table. Consider both width and height, keeping in mind the standard dimensions of dining chairs (45cm from floor to seat). Match these measurements with the size of your table to ensure adequate legroom. Remember, for odd-shaped tables, leave at least 12 cm between chairs for comfortable elbow space and 36 inches between chairs and other furniture to prevent any dining dilemmas.

Think About Stack-ability:

Storage can be a challenge, especially if you occasionally need to clear space. Opting for stackable designs is a practical solution, particularly with armless chairs and stools. These chairs are crafted to fit snugly when stacked, offering a space-efficient and visually appealing storage solution. Look for features like open backs, slim legs, and handles for easy lifting.

Choose Materials Wisely:

Dining chairs come in various materials, each offering distinct advantages. Wooden chairs provide a traditional look, metal chairs introduce a contemporary feel, and upholstered chairs offer superior comfort. Consider the aesthetics of your home and the level of maintenance each material requires. Wooden chairs can be classic and formal, while metal chairs are lightweight and easy to clean. Upholstered chairs, with their added padding, bring a touch of luxury and comfort to the dining experience.

Select the Style That Speaks to You:

Once you’ve determined the right size and material, it’s time to focus on style. Consider the existing colour scheme and patterns in your home. If your space leans towards neutral tones, opt for beige, white, or light brown chairs. Alternatively, inject a burst of colour or personality with bold hues or intricate patterns. The choice is yours, and it’s an opportunity to express your unique taste and style.

Explore Different Types and Styles:

Familiarize yourself with various types and styles of dining chairs. Whether you prefer skirted chairs for a touch of elegance, Parsons chairs for a classic look, or Windsor chairs for a rustic vibe, understanding the different options will help you narrow down your choices. Consider popular styles like modern, contemporary, farmhouse, industrial, and rustic, each offering a distinct aesthetic that can enhance the overall ambience of your dining space.

Choosing the right dining room chairs involves a thoughtful blend of practicality, comfort, and style. By considering factors such as size, stackability, material, and style, you’ll be well-equipped to find chairs that not only fit seamlessly into your dining space but also elevate it to new heights. So, the next time you host a dinner party, your guests will not only enjoy the meal but also the comfort and sophistication of your carefully chosen dining chairs. Happy chair shopping!

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