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Furniture May 21, 2020

Leonardo Design: 4 Tips For Choosing An Accent Table

Accent or side tables are a staple furniture item in a modern living room. This is where you can store your collection of books, precious memorabilia or decor; or simply use as a spot to place your afternoon cuppa joe. Whatever your choice, every home could do with one or more of these functional tables. If you’re not too sure how to select the right table, we are here to help. Here we offer you easy tips to make the decision so much easier.

  1. Think about the purpose of your table in the space.

Don’t simply add a table to a room for the sake of filling it up with furniture. In fact, this is often a sure way to create a cluttered look as your table may take up space and make the room feel smaller. Out first tip is therefore to first consider the purpose of your side table and the right spot where it will best be utilised.

The more common spots are next to the sofa or armchair, or in a reading nook or in a sitting room. Position your table near seating where you can easily reach over and place your coffee mug or leave a few magazines for browsing.

2. Think about the style of your side table.

Materials and finishes may vary, so decide on a table finish that ties into the room and will offer the ambience you’re after. Wood is a timeless finish that blends in well with almost all design styles. However, metallic tables, perspex and even glass are great side table options to enhance a space.

3. Think about the size and shape of your table.

In modern homes where space is often limited, smaller accent tables may be your best bet. Smaller accent tables next to your couch (on either end) can help to create balance and symmetry in a living space. Similarly, the shape of your table can work to complement or detract attention from other elements in the room. Smaller round tables are often a more popular choice, but square, rectangle and even oval side tables could work out perfectly too.

4. Consider styling your table

Once you’ve picked out your table and found the right spot, be sure to style it according to your tastes. Perhaps you have a collection of ceramics, decor or books you want to display, or simply a flower in a vase. Carefully plan your styling so that the table looks put together well and appealing. Create balance with the right decor accents to fully maximise the look of your new table.

If you’re looking for a quality accent or side table to suit your home, look no further than Leonardo Design. Here you will find a variety of options to complement any look, in superior finishes.

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