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Furniture May 20, 2020

Kare Design: What Day Bed Dreams Are Made Of

We’re dreaming of happier days when we could venture outdoors freely without the worry of a lurking illness or worldwide pandemic. However, even if we find ourselves at home more now than ever before, we can still cosy up and dream about the future. A day bed is the perfect spot on which to unwind and dream about life after quarantine… 

So, today we’re staying indoors and talking all things day beds… for that perfect, cosy space to unwind this winter.

Day beds come in a variety of finishes, from wood and metal to modern upholstered options. The latter is one of our favourite choices, as a beautifully curved and upholstered day bed adds a certain level of sophistication to a space – with so much ease and satisfaction!

Let’s face it, day beds are all about relaxation and it certainly is all in the shape you choose. Older, more traditional daybeds are typically a standard size to fit a single mattress. Many of these options are used in the spare bedroom to accommodate guests. However, modern day beds are dreamy and certainly a spoil in the home, with their curved and detailed body and beautiful textured finishes, such as these available from Kare Design.


Why a Day Bed?

Modern day beds are perfect for that afternoon snooze, or a spot to enjoy your morning coffee or finish that novel you’ve been reading. It really is a fun and enticing piece of furniture, and may fair well in almost any room, from your own bedroom to that special reading nook, or even a sunny spot in your living room.

So, if you’re on the fence about choosing a day bed for your home – know that most day beds become a much valued and appreciated item in the household.

Discover these and other great contememporary offerings now available from Kare Design.


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