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Furniture Nov 10, 2020

Kare Design: Brave & Bold In Black

Brave, bold and black. Kare Design presents the latest decor, furniture and homeware in this trending hue. Why? Because black is always in season, and even more so in the month when we’re celebrating Black Friday madness.



Make A Statement In Black

You can’t go wrong with a focal decor item in black. It fits in with almost any design scheme and will create an unforgettable statement on a shelf, table or counter. Take for instance Kare Design’s Deco Object Monkey Gorilla Side. A primate in XL, the peaceful gorilla seems amazingly real and is astonishingly similar to its role model. It doesn’t miss a thing in the surrounding area with its watchful eye. This unusual decorative article makes an impact with its individuality!

The Deco Object Toto Teen XL Schwarz Matt is another playful and engaging piece. This large-scale black bulldog clearly makes its presence felt in the hallway. The cool decorative item also cuts a good figure in a teenager’s room, if it’s big enough!

Black Lighting is a Thing!

Bold illumination is a given in any contemporary interior. Spice it up with a playful black fixture for an added dramatic touch. Kare’s Modo Wire pendant lamp is a light source and art object in one. Form and design embody modern flamboyance. Modo boasts a modern and cleverly designed composition, which appears very light-footed and filigree due to the finely drawn frame made of black lacquered metal rods. No matter from which perspective you look at this lamp, it always looks stunningly chic.

Tantalizing Tables

Wood and glass are popular choices for the humble coffee table. But have you ever thought of changing it up with a timeless black table for that extra wow factor! The Dark Space Coffee Table from Kare Design is a serious contender in our trending tables of the season! This modern coffee table boasts an extraordinary shape with a smoked-glass top and three-legged frame in black steel. The corners of the pentagonal glass plate are harmoniously rounded and its height makes it the ideal companion for armchairs and sofas.

Want something with even greater depth?  The Dimension Coffee Table is a graphic, reduced coffee table with its clear glass top as a design highlight. The handmade steel wire frame creates stunning visual effects and adds something very modern to every furnishing environment.

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