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Furniture Sep 22, 2020

It is time to Up-cycle With The Lola Range of Green Chairs

Going green is the future. Green is a process, not a status. We need to think of green as a verb and not an adjective.

Artistic temptation and recycling have never looked this good. There’s no better way than to bring this freshness of green at work and enjoy the comfort at the workplace or even at the comfort of your own home. Time is the only thing that cannot be recycled.

Lola range green-chairs helps perk up your work or home environment with stylish but yet fresh feel of refined quality. The Lola range unmistakably represents the future as 96% of it contains recyclable materials.

Lola is not just a green product or just a chair. It’s the epitome of minimalist, multifunctional design that is suited for any work or home environment. It’s a product with intricate lines and artistic composition that makes it distinct from other design associated concepts.

The clean line design leans towards a modern fresh look for any restaurant, café, canteen, hotel or home. Lola works in various configurations that are ideal for any environment of your choice.

Recycling is essential in our modern world. If we want to conserve our planet for future generations to come. It is good for the environment since our products can be used in making new products when they are no longer of use to us.

We know that it’s important to buy the most cost-effective equipment possible without sacrificing quality especially during these strange times. That’s why when you’re looking for durable but also stylish chairs; recyclable plastic also deserves a look. Not only does it not require ongoing maintenance, it is also most unlikely to encounter replacement costs that can be associated with other types of normal seats.




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