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Get It Custom-Made From La Grange Interiors

Custom-made furniture is both beautiful and personalised. If given the choice, custom-furniture is a worthwhile investment for any interior project. La Grange Interior now offers a range of custom-made furniture to suit the needs of clients.

Here’s why we love custom-made furniture:

The perfect fit

If you’re after a piece of furniture to fit in with your design scheme and space, custom is often the way to go. Here you can get exact measurements made to order, and the perfect style to suit your aesthetic. Although ready-made furniture may be convenient and easy to find, nothing beats the look and feel of custom-made pieces that have literally been created just for you.

Personal, unique pieces are custom-crafted

Ready made furniture manufacturers often produce large sums of the same furniture piece. Chances are, your ready made item will be exactly the same as someone else’s. Custom-made furniture, however, has been specifically made for you. It is often unique to the style, size and finishes used and will add to your personal taste.

Create your own style

Custom furniture can be as unique as you are. If you like a certain style of sofa, but not the finish or size, a simple tweak means that you can create a conversational piece in the right colour, style and size to suit your space.


Custom is high-end

When you decide to customise a piece, you can choose the materials and finishes used. This means that you have control over the quality of the piece and you can opt to create a beautiful high-end item that will add value to your home.

If you can’t find it, have it made

You could spend weeks looking for the right sofa, dining table or chair for your home. If you know exactly what you want, then you can easily have it custom-crafted and bring your own vision to life. This way, you take control of your interior styling and you don’t always have to settle with what is available in the shops.


Custom often means keepsake

Beautifully custom-made furniture can be passed down as an heirloom in your family. Custom pieces are often created from high quality finishes and will be a worthy investment that you will want to keep or pass down to your family members. These are often keepsakes with special meaning.

At La Grange Interiors you can access a range of meticulously crafted furniture and accessories available in luxurious fabrics and a range of materials. If you don’t see something that you like, you can also speak to the team and have a piece custom made for you. Custom-crafted items are available through the Cape Town and Johannesburg showrooms.

Baartolo Sofa

La Grange Interiors is a curated furniture and décor destination with an exclusive offering of luxurious soft furnishings, timeworn antiques, and accessories sourced from all around the globe or custom designed by owner, Sumari Krige herself. Beyond the retail aspect, the La Grange Interiors brand extends to an interior design and concept service taking on projects both locally and internationally.

Baartolo Sofa

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