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Gallery Furniture by Malabar: Add Pops Of Colour To Your Interior

It’s time to brighten up your home with pops of colour to invigorate the senses. Here are the latest furniture pieces from Malabar to add a dose of colour and fun to your living space.


After surviving Lisbon’s 1755 earthquake, the royal family decided to live in a much solider residence than before. It was when the Palace of Ajuda was built and, from there on, several families inhabited it. The palace also underwent some changes through the years, having even been partially destroyed by a fire in the meantime. Inspired by this exquisite building, with such strong roots, Malabar designers conceived this timeless side table.

Supported by one shapely designed geometric feet, the side tabletop is made of lacquered wood finished with high gloss varnish, embellished with gold leaf coated details. The Cortez side table artfully blends into exquisite decor spaces with a realistic touch, reminiscent of the time of kings and queens.

Known for his surrealist paintings, Salvador Dalí was one of the most controversial and paradoxical artists of the twentieth century. Over the last decades, alongside Picasso and Matisse, Dalí has gradually come to be seen as a prodigious figure whose life and work occupy a central and unique position in the history of modern art.

A painting by Dali in 1952, the Galatea of Spheres, depicts Gala Dalí, his wife and muse. This surrealist painting is thus pieced together through a series of spheres arranged in a continuous array. Playing with scales and spheres, Malabar designers conceived with artistry this future classic armchair, the Galatea Armchair.

Handcrafted with expertise by artisans, the Galatea armchair subsequently features an asymmetrical design composed of two different feet, a marble sphere and a rectangular walnut wood shape. There are subsequently infinite ways this customize this future classic armchair. The result is breathtaking when the Galatea armchair is in the room.

The Postmodernism movement is notoriously difficult to define. This elusive design style was thus a reaction against the utopian ideals of modernism. Over two decades this art movement established ideas about art and design, bringing a new self-awareness about style itself.

Playing with vivid colours and bold shapes, Malabar designers conceived the playful, artsy, and extravagant Mak Suh Muh Dining Chair.

Exclusively handcrafted in walnut wood by expert artisans, the Mak Suh Muh dining chair is upholstered in different cotton velvet colours and patterns. Abandoning all the rules/Freedom from rules of mixing patterns and shapes, this postmodern dining chair thus provides a new way of looking at the interior design world, where the authenticness is the key. Artfully designed, the Mak Suh Muh will therefore be a style statement in any space.

Elegant and simply described as the bastion of Portuguese luxury, the artistic-inspired Petit Cortez II Dining Table exhales the splendor of the uniqueness of the kings and queens’ era. Its timeless originality and imperial design were inspired by the Palace of Ajuda, a neoclassical monument in the civil parish of Ajuda, in Lisbon.

The Petit Cortez II Dining Table top is made of wood finished with high gloss black varnish surrounded by a subtle line of gold leaf coated elements. The structure is supported by one shapely designed geometric foot in lacquered wood and gold leaf coated semi-spheres. This makes Petit Cortez II Dining Table ideal for art-filled contemporary rooms.

Bring a sense of history and refinement into your home with these gorgeous offerings from Malabar.

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