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Fechters Wooden Furniture

There is no denying the beauty of wooden furniture, from the natural pattern and grain to the warm, neutral hues.

Add to that the sustainable and durable nature of the material and it’s easy to understand why so many people choose wooden finishes and furniture for their homes.

But it’s not only inside that wood can shine, wooden furniture can look equally beautiful outside. 

Contrary to popular belief, wood is an excellent choice for patios and balconies.

Here, the team from Fechters shares the various benefits of choosing outdoor wooden furniture.

  1. There is a wide variety of options available.
    Wooden furniture is available in a wide variety of colours with various grain options in a multitude of shapes and sizes.
    Fechters, for instance, has both streamlined and more classic designs available to choose from, including the contemporary-looking I’Langa range and the more traditional lines of the Knysna Back Chair.
    In addition, Fechters also offers custom design services to clients looking for something truly unique.
  2. If treated correctly, wooden furniture is extremely durable.
    “Our Eucalyptus patio furniture comes pre-treated from the factory with a light oil coating. It is essential that after assembly, at least (3) three additional coats of good-quality wood sealer be applied. Where furniture is constantly left outside, completely exposed to the elements, it is advised that Rystix Exterior Armadek Waterbased Sealer be used. Regular maintenance coats should be applied thereafter, depending upon the level of exposure to the elements as well as the appearance of the timber,” explains the team.
  3. It’s the best value for your money.
    Taking the durability of wood, as well as its low maintenance requirements into account, wooden furniture offers customers the best value for money in the long run.At Fechters, clients can choose between several price points when it comes to furnishing their outdoor spaces.


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