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Authentic by Design: 4 Tips For A Modern Chic Living Room

The living room is where all the action happens at home. A gathering space for friends and visitors, and a chill-out zone for you to unwind. Achieve a beautiful modern chic living room with our designer tips and inspiration from Authentic by Design.

Keep it Sleek

Modern interiors call for sleek, simple and contemporary layouts. Avoid clutter and invest in quality furniture choices that can serve as heirlooms for years to come. Let your furniture do the talking and look for superior quality finishes such as wood, leather and metal. This is often a winning combination in modern chic interiors. Furthermore, is there anything more sleek and sophisticated than a genuine leather chair in your living room? The Deluxe and The Rhapsody from Authentic by Design are wonderful options to bring that sleek look to your space.

Keep it neutral

Neutral tones and materials are timeless and can be paired with seasonal decor and brighter accents as trends change. A neutral backdrop is also ideal in a modern chic living room. Choose muted colours for your walls and accessorize with texture for an added dose of elegance.

Mix materials

Create contrast and interest with mixed materials. A beautiful blend of finishes can add to a designer ambience in your living room. We love including earthy textures and the colours of nature for a truly inspired and modern feel. Natural materials such as rattan, wood, jute and sisal are subsequently great options that pay homage to nature as the ultimate source of inspiration. The Copper Nested Coffee Tables from Authentic by Design achieve a sophisticated look with a beautiful blend of materials including a metallic base and wooden tops.

Play with pattern

Subtle geometric designs and patterns can elevate your design. When choosing furniture for your modern chic living room, look for pieces that evoke a feeling of symmetry with interesting shapes, curves and forms. These patterns will enhance your room naturally. Furthermore, you can include geometric prints and interesting patterns through your choice of soft furnishings. These will add a wonderfully fresh appeal to your modern chic space.

Authentic by Design offers an exciting combination of designer lifestyle and living. Furthermore, you can design your very own authentic living space by selecting the perfect design from their range of professionally designed layouts.

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