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Atmosphere Furniture: 5 Tips To Embrace A Raw and Rustic Style

After the chaos of the past 20 months, we’re all learning to embrace nature and create warmer, safer spaces for our families. The organic trend – bringing nature indoors – continues as a way to live more sustainably and welcome in a raw and rustic interior style. Here are some tips to achieve the look in your own design schemes, with some top choices available from Atmosphere Furniture.

Warm wood tones

Create warmth and depth to your home with quality wooden pieces in natural warm woody tones. The organic beauty of warm wood will enrich your living spaces and help create a cosy environment for the whole family. Think warm, organic wooden seating, tables and more for a rustic charm.

Raw and Rattan

Rattan furniture and accessories bring a vibrant and tactile mood to any room. It’s a great way to enrich your space with textures and create interest in a playful way. Add rattan baskets to your living space as decor or storage. You can also invest in rattan furniture for added flair and an ode to indoor-outdoor living.

Bring Nature Inside

An organic look pays homage to the great outdoors. Bring fresh greenery, natural tones and materials into your space to achieve the style. Potted plants or a vase of greenery is a great way to add freshness to your design. Furthermore, natural materials like jute, cotton, sisal and more will help set the tone for a beautifully organic and rustic interior.

Choose handcrafted pieces

Handcrafted pieces are often distinct and one-of-a-kind. Just like the elements we find in nature, handcrafted items have a natural beauty that can set your design apart. It’s also a wonderful way to honour local craftsmen and embrace age-old artisanal crafts.


Keep it simple

Your design and layout need not be over complicated. In fact, less is often more in a rustic, raw setting. Use stand-out pieces as a focal point in a minimalist design.

Create calm

Organic interiors call for calm and the serenity of nature. This can often be enhanced with your choice of colours. Keep it neutral and classic with muted shades and organic shapes for optimal impact.

Whatever your choice, be sure to follow nature as your guide. For more inspiration, visit Atmosphere Furniture for a beautiful range of curated furniture and accessories. Here you’ll find those stand-out pieces and accessories to turn your home into an oasis.

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