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Furniture Aug 11, 2020

Blockhouse: Trendy Furniture & Decor For Modern Living

Blockhouse is a family-run company that was established in 2012 with the culmination of years of construction, steel fabrication, furniture manufacturing and design experience. What started out as a boutique furniture store, has over the years become a company that provides services from furniture manufacturing to prefab homes.

Blockhouse is perfectly poised to meet and exceed expectations when it comes to design, manufacturing and service delivery with a product range that is spectacular and diverse.

Prefab Living

Blockhouse’s prefabricated modules are built at their factory and delivered to site for installation in a day. These units are designed with comfort, style and practicality in mind. They offer modern living and have a minimal impact on the environment where they are positioned. We are proud to report that they have been approved by various eco developments and councils. Please visit the website at www.blockhouse.co.za for the full range of prefab homes available – designed, built and installed to suit your needs.


Furthermore, Blockhouse designs in-house and manufactures all stylish, original designs in their factory. By keeping production in-house, they can guarantee top quality manufacturing. They supply local and international retailers with exclusive ranges, that are tailored to meet your every design desire. Many of the design lines are sold on their online store. Blockhouse designs for every room in the house, including any outdoor spaces, too. Pop into one of the stores and you are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for and more.



Gone are the days of the boring 90s boardroom and square-carpeted floors in office spaces around the country. Blockhouse Workspace furniture is designed to eliminate those old school perceptions of the workspace. This simplistic range of modern industrial designs encompass aesthetically pleasing professionalism with a range that features leather chairs and stools, modular shelving systems and more.


The projects division manages the construction, design, manufacturing and installation of all office, shop fitting, hotels, lodges, schools and major residential projects. More recently, the team have developed prefabricated homes at a reasonable price, to be used as stand alone units or in conjunction with one of their semi-prefabricated buildings.

Please visit the website at www.blockhouse.co.za for more.



  1. Zendwe Zipede

    August 11, 2020

    Love this!

    • Marcia Margolius


      August 21, 2020

      So special … we love it to Fondest Marcia

  2. Grant Medifindt

    August 11, 2020

    I love some of their outdoor furniture!!


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