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Furniture Oct 22, 2020

Atmosphere Furniture: 4 Ways With Display Cabinets & Consoles

Life should be a grand display. Now you can showcase your favourite wares, memorabilia and collectables in a bold and fashion-forward curio cabinet, display cupboard or on a console. Here are five simple ideas to elevate your display cabinet, with a few of our favourites on offer from Atmosphere Furniture

A traveller’s delight

If you’ve travelled to interesting places and collected things from around the globe, these will certainly require a special place in your home. Don’t hoard these valuable keepsakes in a closed cupboard or storage unit. Give these prime of place in a display cabinet or shelf – in your living room for all to see! A bold curio cabinet could suffice as the ideal spot to highlight your favourite travel finds and create a textural feast in your family room.

An ode to yesteryear

Traditionally, a more classic household staple, the humble display cabinet has been around for decades. If you have more of a contemporary style, do not fret. Modern consoles and cabinets are available and will surely add visual appeal and interest in your home. It is a great ode to the past and a more traditional design scheme, but modern interpretations can bring texture, colour and beautiful craftsmanship to interior spaces.

Heirlooms and prized collectables

That tea set your inherited from your grandmother, or that family heirloom that has packed out of sight for safe keeping – give these the rightful respect they deserve, safely stowed behind glass, but still in full view in a stylish display cabinet. In fact, curio cabinets are perfect to elevate your favourite vintage items, heirlooms and antiques. Let your precious items tell a story and add to the depth of your design.

A creative display

Why not use each shelf of your display cabinet as its own unique showcase! Mix and match to add interest, colour and texture to your space. Some ideas include incorporating artful pieces, books, photographs and other decorative accents that make you happy. Be sure to create a focal point in each shelf and follow a golden thread that will tie it all together – perhaps a central colour, finish or style that creates symmetry and balance.

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