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Flooring Oct 26, 2021

Zimbo’s Introduces The New Loba Outdoor Range

From deep cleaning – to finish and oil – to care and maintenance – the new LOBA Outdoor Range fulfills every possible wish for outdoor wood or WPC. Beauty and protection from season to season!

Let’s take a closer look…

Loba Deck Degreyer

This easy to use product can be used to clean and remove the grey (weathered material) from old decking and wooden furniture WITHOUT sanding the wood down. Simply wet the timber with water, apply the Loba Deck Degreyer with a brush, and then leave the product for 10 minutes before scrubbing off! Brings back the natural colour of the wood, and is a biodegradable product. This is the ideal pre-treatment before the application of the Loba Deck Prepare, and Loba Deck Finish.

Loba Deck Prepare

Loba Deck Prepare is colourless and odourless, is easy to use and delays the weather related greying of external wood. It also dries quickly, and is the ideal preparation prior to  the application of Loba Deck Finish or Loba Deck Oil. It also strengthens the protective effect of the subsequent application of either deck finish or deck oil, and is environmentally friendly.

Loba Deck Finish

The NEW Loba Deck Finish comes in 3 colours (dark brown, light brown and grey) , and is a one component water based finish for exterior wooden surfaces. The Deck Finish protects against UV radiation, frost and moisture, and is chlorine resistant! This product is suitable for ALL wood species, and is suitable for both smooth and grooved planks. The Deck Finish is also quick drying and does not roughen the wood surface either!

Loba Deck Refresh

Loba Deck Refresh can be used on both oiled and varnished exterior surfaces. This water based wipe care product will rejuvenate your existing decking giving it a slight sheen, and will also give it additional protection. Simply wipe it on and leave it to dry!

The full Loba Outdoor Range is available on the Loba Online Store. You can also find out more by phoning in to Zimbo‘s branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.



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