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Flooring Jun 30, 2024

Traviloc Transforms Frail Care Facility with Traviata Flooring Systems

Having proved itself over a number of years now, Traviloc XL-RCB flooring continues to find favour in the hospitality, education, medical, retail and residential sectors.  Traviloc’s high scoring in terms of safety and performance standards, its acoustic properties, dimensional stability, wear and stain resistance have made it a very sought after range. Explore more with Traviata Flooring Systems.

Another Traviloc attribute is its “rigid” SPC core board which, aside from imparting superior dimensional stability, allows Traviloc to be installed over any firm, sound, existing surface.

A recent example of where this property of Traviloc proved critical was the upgrade of the frail care centre at the Rand Aid Old Age Village in Linksfield, Johannesburg.  Dent Carpets installed 400m2 of the RCB – Riven Oak White directly over the existing sheet vinyl flooring. The frail care environment demanded that there be none of the noise, dust, rubble removal and chaos typically associated with removing an existing finish and installing a new one. By laying the interlocking floor section by section there was minimum disruption to the functioning of the centre which was handed over within a week.
Rand Aid residents and staff are now enjoying a new floor which is warm and comfortable under foot, is very hygienic and easy to maintain, has good wet and dry slip resistance and copes easily with any of the spills and stains associated with this type of facility.
The high definition visuals and rich surface textures of Traviloc combine the beauty of hard wood with the durability of LVT and will ensure that Rand Aid enjoys a new and modern floor for years to come.
The “rigid core” nature of Traviloc XL-RCB allows it to be used as a refurbishment option over existing tiled surfaces, timber flooring, boarded mezzanine floors and other existing finishes.  It will tolerate height imperfections of up to five millimetres over three meters so there is often no requirement for the use of self-levelling or patching compounds.  This can be especially useful when upgrading retail or hospitality spaces which generate income – these can quite literally be converted overnight and be back in business in the morning!!

Contact: Traviata Flooring Systems (Pty) Ltd.


Hugh Krog 082-595-2061

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