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Flooring Aug 13, 2023

Castro Wood Floors: timeless appeal

A classic choice with timeless appeal, wood is a popular option not only for furniture but also for finishes such as floors.

The enduring appeal and durability, as well as the natural beauty of the material, have ensured that it remained in style for many, many decades. And with a move towards more natural and/or sustainable materials, it will continue to be a favourite for many more.

While wood can be finished with a great variety of oils, stains and paint colours, what has become evident over the past few years is that the trend is certainly leaning toward natural, raw wood, with no indication of it changing any time soon.

As Castro Wood Floors notes: “After years of painted, cerused and high gloss woods, natural wood has well and truly made its way back onto the design world’s mood board.”

“All natural wood finishes will work with any sort of interior,” the company continues. “New trends have eschewed the rulebook and say that more traditional wood finishes like walnut and oak can work just as well in a modern city apartment whose interior is ultra-minimalist with razor-sharp lines, as it can in a country manor. 

“Equally, bleached pine and salvaged timbers aren’t solely for Scandinavian aesthetics and urban lofts. It will work just as well in a modern country townhouse or a mid-century abode.”

With help selecting the perfect natural-look wood floor for your indoor or outdoor space, contact Castro Wood Floors today


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