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Flooring Mar 4, 2021

Castro Wood Floors Presents Hotel Boutique Villa Favorita

If you’re in search of an exclusive getaway in Spain, Hotel Boutique Villa Favorita offers adults-only accommodation with a bar and terrace in beautiful San Sebastián. 

On one side of the window, one of the world’s most beautiful seaside promenades: La Concha Beach in San Sebastian. On the other, the intimacy and charm of an original 19th century villa: a luxury boutique hotel. On the one side, life, light, the sea and the salty breeze. On the other, a Michelin star, a pleasant stay and a welcoming corner in which to enjoy the passing of time.

At the end of the 19th century, gradually and with the warmth of the court, La Concha Bay was surrounded with elegant villas of European style, like a diamond tiara. And time, one by one, also took them away. All of them, except one. The last villa in the bay. The last gem in the tiara. The most special one. La Favorita.

This beautiful Spanish villa has been decked out with wood flooring from Castro Wood Floors. The sophisticated interiors are luxurious with modern amenities and timeless finishes. Enjoy the pleasure of coastal life in a refined setting.

The windows look out over the heart of the city, over the best possible spot in the Bay. The Concha beach or the “Playa de la Concha” is without a doubt the most symbolic beach of the coastal city San Sebastián. The shape of the bay explains the name “Concha” that has been given to it. On one side of the bay, you will find the Urgull mountain, next to the harbour and the city hall, and on the other side of the shell, you will find the Igueldo mountain.

The villa is adults-only, meaning that you can fully maximise peace, comfort and relaxation. A quiet environment for guests old enough to appreciate it.

Timeless wooden floors add to the classic look of the interior. Understated yet refined, it provides a perfect base from which an inviting interior comes to life.

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