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Exclusive Warehouse: passion for stone

Emotions in stone.


Suppliers of the finest natural and engineered stone surfaces, Exclusive Warehouse is renowned for its passion for stone.

From marble and lusso to granite and onyx, quartz and more, the company stocks an extensive variety of tiles and slabs that inject any space with a sense of permanence and exclusivity.

But with so much on offer, how does one choose the correct stone surface for a project? To help, here the qualified team from Exclusive Warehouse shares why marble tiles are a top choice for the home.

It’s a natural product

Marble is created when metamorphic rock is compressed into hard stone through high pressure and heat. This means marble is an all-natural product that is good for you and the environment as it doesn’t require chemicals to clean, plus it is recyclable and reusable.

It provides a unique, luxury finish

A natural stone, no two pieces of marble are the same. This uniqueness in colour and veining makes marble not only highly sought after but also ensures that spaces finished with it have an utterly unique and luxurious look and feel. 

It can increase the value of your property

Because marble is so unique and luxurious – it has been a favourite flooring option in palaces and castles for centuries – the stone can increase the value of your property substantially.

It is versatile and durable

Marble is available in a variety of colours and patterns, easy to clean and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, marble can withstand heavy loads without cracking and keeps its original colour and texture for years, making marble a top choice for busy indoor areas and outdoor spaces.

It keeps homes cool

Marble has a high thermal mass, which means that it absorbs external heat (cutting down cooling costs) while staying cool underfoot – a great benefit during hot South African summers.

For more information and to choose the perfect marble or other stone product for your project, contact the team at Exclusive Warehouse today.


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