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Flooring Nov 29, 2023

Upgrade your outdoor space with Douglas Jones Mosaics

Transform your outdoor space into a festive haven with Douglas Jones Mosaics as the South African summer and Christmas festivities approach. Upgrade your surroundings with these stunning options that combine style and functionality.


Kitkat: Minimalistic Elegance

Kitkat tiles epitomise minimalistic elegance, perfect for outdoor kitchens and entertainment spaces. Durable and stylish, these tiles seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with the warmth of the South African summer, enhancing your outdoor cooking and dining experiences.

Marrakech Hexagon Tiles: Moroccan Charm

Transport yourself to Morocco with Marrakech hexagon tiles around your braai area. The intricate design and rich colours evoke the essence of Moroccan culture, turning your outdoor space into a conversation starter and a hub of festive cheer.

Lantern: Timeless Appeal

For a timeless and classic look, choose Lantern mosaic tiles. Resembling old-school lanterns, these tiles add nostalgia and charm to any outdoor area, uplifting the ambiance and creating a cozy atmosphere for your guests.

Piccolo City: Poolside Luxury

Revitalise your pool area with Piccolo City mosaic tiles, a hardwearing and attractive alternative to traditional concrete finishes. Their versatility allows seamless incorporation into both pool interiors and surrounding outdoor areas, providing poolside luxury that stands the test of time.

Pool Mosaics: Refreshment and Style

Dive into refreshment and style with Douglas Jones’ dedicated range of ceramic mosaics designed specifically for pools. These vibrant blue mosaics add a touch of luxury to your outdoor oasis, creating a visual feast for you and your guests.

Crescent Cladding: Connecting with Nature

Seamlessly integrate your outdoor spaces with nature using Crescent Cladding. This unique mosaic sheet, when sealed, provides a connection to the natural world. The earthy tones and organic profiles create a harmonious blend with the surroundings, making it ideal for those who appreciate the serenity of outdoor living.

As the festive season approaches, let Douglas Jones Mosaics elevate your home, creating lasting memories in diverse outdoor spaces. With options catering to different tastes and styles, embrace the South African summer, gather your loved ones, and turn your outdoor areas into a haven of style and sophistication for the upcoming celebrations.


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