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Flooring Jul 20, 2022

Tile Africa: Be Bold with your own Eclectic Mix

An eclectic mix style is where you put together a rich visual diversity. This is a style for those who are bold and unconventional, and who love the varied influences of the global village, even if that is only experienced from the comfort of home.

Anything goes in this type of design aesthetic!

Combine man—made plastic trinkets with granny’s ball and claw chair. Anchor your colour scheme with bold colours. Then, add new shades in an organic way. Be brave with your choices. If you like everything in your look, it will work because it will be a reflection of you.

Mix and match different looks to create the visual effect you are looking for. Cement and stone, marble and wood with the addition of colourful mosaics and patterned tiles to create interest. Install your tiles with interesting layouts. Furthermore, mix and match different patterns and textures. For example, give traditional metro tiles a new look by installing them vertically or in a herringbone pattern. Or use a contrasting grout colour for your tiling.

Whilst using a single tile throughout gives a cohesive look, adding tiles with pattern and print as accents, can elevate and add interest to a space while bringing in the trending colours of the year. Naturals, and shades of blue and green are amongst the most popular choices for these accent tiles, right now. Use patterned tiles or mosaics to create different areas within the space, or en masse for maximum visual impact. Patterns and mosaics subsequently draw the eye across the space or can create a focal point around which the design of the room is created.

When creating a design with an eclectic mix of colours, patterns and textures, it is very important to choose only that which you love because that is what will bring the look together. Creating a visual representation of your unique personality with your space makes it home.

 For more eclectic mix inspiration, visit your nearest Tile Africa store or browse their website to find your style. Find the style for you with their winter savings, ends 10 July 2022.

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