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Flooring Aug 30, 2022

Opia Design

The company offers bespoke tile designs and procurement services based on positive business practices.

Importers of traditional zelliges and handmade concrete tiles, local company Opia Design is not only committed to sourcing the latest tiles and decorative products but also to sustainable and ethical business practices.

“The materials and processes used to create our products are environmentally friendly. Our suppliers aim to follow a manufacturing process that adds as little stress to the environment as possible, sourcing locally, using recycled packaging, grey water wherever possible and solar-powered heating. Our suppliers are engaged to guarantee a fair salary and social protection to all their employees. We consider that protecting artisans is what keeps a culture alive. All our suppliers practice fair labour by providing their employees with a safe and healthy workplace, fair salary, paid holidays, and an environmentally friendly production system,” explains Opia Design.

This approach has been instrumental in their success, and today, Opia Design is the go-to business in the industry for interior designers looking for truly unique decorative finishes.

Apart from their beautiful range of handmade tiles available online, the company also offers custom designs and procurement solutions.

“Our work with designers over the last four years has highlighted the challenges and constraints faced during the design implementation. We’ve seen projects delayed and errors occurring due to the lack of dedicated and available human resources. These all have a financial impact on a project and take valuable time away from other areas where the designer’s expertise is required. In answer to this, we offer a procurement service to small and medium-sized design companies. You decide what you need and when you need assistance,” explains Opia Design.

As such, they can help with budgets, requesting and reviewing quotes, managing purchase orders, invoicing and payments, as well as logistics, to ensure projects remain on budget and on schedule.

“By focusing on a specific part of a project, we’re able to help our clients better manage their finances and administration, saving them time later on,” says the team.

Product installations of Bejmat off-white

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